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The following are the adoption fees and policies of the Humane Society of Ventura County:

The fee for all dog and cat adoptions is $120.

The fee for all horse adoptions is $200.

The fee for all other adoptions varies depending on the animal.

We now have a “Seniors” program:

Any dog or cat age 5 or older is adoptable for $75.

Included with every dog adoption will be the first DHLPP shot of the series, a rabies vaccine, a medical exam good for up to three days from participating veterinarians, implanting an identification microchip (registration extra), spay or neuter surgery if necessary as well as a collar, ID tag and a leash.

For dog adoptions, a yard check will be performed prior to adoption. In addition to adequate fencing and shelter, those wishing to adopt a pet must provide either proof of ownership of the residence or a rental agreement for that address indicating that pets are allowed.

Cat adoptions will include the first FVRCP shot in the series, a leukemia test (if age allows), rabies vaccine, a medical exam good for up to three days from participating veterinarians, deworming, implanting an identification microchip (registration extra), spay or neuter surgery if necessary as well as a safety collar, ID tag and a cardboard carrier.

A Few Things To Consider
When faced with the charms of a delightfully rambunctious puppy, squirming delightedly at the thought of being adopted, many find it hard to consider the long term costs and responsibilities of pet ownership. And when your face is being flooded with puppy kisses, that is understandable to some degree, but puppies do grow and financial responsibilities set in.

  • The time to consider what type of pet is most appropriate and how much you can afford to pay for the animal’s care is before you adopt.
  • Far beyond buying an occasional bag of generic food, the costs of pet ownership can reach more than $300 a year for even the smallest dog.
  • Those considering adopting a pet should first price a nutritionally balanced diet. This will average from $180 to $540 per year depending on the size of the animal you will be feeding.
  • Next, call a veterinarian and determine how many office visits are required each year to keep a pet healthy and what additional costs, such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering, will be.
  • Don’t forget to factor in the costs of a license and other necessities such as collar, leash, food and water bowls, flea treatments, identification tags and boarding when the family goes on vacation.
  • If your home is not equipped with a suitable fence and shelter, those are additional costs that should be factored in to the cost of pet ownership.

While a pet can bring many years of happiness, knowing what you can afford before you adopt an animal is the best way to ensure you get a pet that meets your needs and the animal gets an owner who can meet its needs.

This handsome feline is Ashton.  Ashton is a male, gray Tabby domestic shorthair. He is about to turn one year old and has been at the Humane Society since July 30, 2013, when he was just a little kitten! Ashton Is a little shy, so it is important to go slow with him. Please help us grant Ashton his birthday wish by finding him a forever home!

His adoption fee of $120 includes spay, vaccinations, free veterinarian visit, and microchip implantation. For more information on Ashton,  or other adoptable animals, please call 805 646-6505. You can meet him Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

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  • Words and Music by Kerri Climer and Robert Shelor
  • Vocals: Kerri Climer
  • Backup vocals: Robert Shelor
  • Bass guitar: Dave Hutchison
  • Piano: Smitty West


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My Dog Jack

Price: $1.00
  • Words and Music by Bob Ryman
  • Vocals and Violin: Bob Ryman
  • Piano and backup Vocals: Smitty West
  • Bass guitar and drum programming: Dave Hutchison
  • Harmonica: Lynn Mullins

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The Animals of Ojai

Price: $1.00
  • Words and music by Smitty West
  • Vocals, piano and synth: Smitty West
  • Backup vocals: Julija Zonic
  • Violin and backup vocals: Bob Ryman
  • Bass guitar: Dave Hutchison

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My Old Friend

Price: $1.00